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‚T0th Anniversary Awards
JARL Kurashiki club Founding
50th Anniversary Awards JARL Kurashiki club founding

With a history oldest historical and cultural city, in the four areas was born in Kurashiki "JARL Kurashiki Club" in the period from the 50th anniversary, as part of the celebration is, "50th Anniversary Award" and " 50th Anniversary station 8J450YAB "founding we have planned. Was taken up in the "30th Anniversary Award" miraculously "Seto Bridge" will celebrated its 20th anniversary of cross-linking, and so adopted the scene which was chosen to "sunset Hyakusen" different perspective this time, you can do comparison It is if FB. It was issued through the operation until 31 October from the 1st August 2009 as a memorial Bureau of JARL "Memorial Bureau QSL card" and, Kurashiki club employee volunteers have been issued after September 13, the anniversary of the founding " commemorative QSL card " , the same design as the award "Seto Bridge Sunset" and "Kurashiki aesthetic area" is adopted.

@@ Kurashiki River banks to feel the history of the Seto Ohashi Bridge and sunset
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Rules of awards and, excel format of submission of the application form can be found here. If you need, please use it by clicking on the place of the application form on the left.

40th Anniversary Awards
JARL Kurashiki club founding

Historic Buildings of Kurashiki aesthetic area to shine on the surface of the water

[ Rule "in the] letter tail KURAHIKI CLUB 40YEARS I spelled "
40th Anniversary Kurashiki club QSL I can be substituted for any character. "
40 "and" 4 "
to substitute a prefix that contains the.
[Example] EN
4 RL XF 4 L 4 U1ITU
1959,9,13 later JARL Kurashiki club founding day exchange to (receive) signal date
ones enabled. [Reference ] ‡@ band, the same station as an active mode only once, even if different ‡A issue than 1999,4,1.

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30th Anniversary Awards
JARL Kurashiki club founding

Impressive scenery to take over the tradition of Edo and Seto

[ Rule "in the] letter tail JARL KURASHIKI CLUB I spelled "
LARL 30 anniversary Kurashiki club QSL I can substitute any character you.
The exchange (receive) signal date JARL 1959,9,13 later Kurashiki club founding day
things enabled. [

Note ] ‡@ band, the same station is valid only once mode is also different.
@@@@@ ‡A issued by 1989,7,1.

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JARL Kurashiki Club AWARD

Ohara Museum of Art The symbol of the city of Kurashiki culture

Replace it with Bureau of the Rules Kurashiki city to (receive) signal, I get the next point.

Class A

100 points

Class B

@50 points

Class C@

@30 points

Class D

@20 points

JARL Kurashiki Club ( JA4YAB exchange with members of the club) (received) Xin

@4 point

Exchange with the Bureau of Kurashiki city other (receiving) Xin

@2 points

[Reference] Single-band, single-mode to special mention.

  1. Same station valid only once band, mode is also different.
  2. I be invalid with cross band communications.
  3. Kurashiki club employee of the destination specified QSL be valid.
  4. It is not allowed move operation in Kurashiki city from other regions.
  5. Published by 1976,8,1
  6. [ reference ] Club employee roster (2013.4.1
    current) JA4KC JA4K I JA4L I JA4T I JA4AJB JA4AJK

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Awards common rules of all of JARL Kurashiki club issue
[Issue] JARL's Kurashiki Club
A4 size [of awards]
[also issued SWL]
[How to apply]
application form C (self-application method)
U.S. $ overseas Stations 10.00
application [reference] [Contact]
§ 719-1126 Okayama Soja@‚b‚‰‚”‚™ Soja 1360-4@‚i‚`‚o‚`‚m
Kiyoshi Mitsunari
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